Get up, have a coffee and we are out of the front door. The bun still in one hand, the notebook in the other, the mobile attached to the ear. The stereotypical city-nomad, who needs to be fast, flexible and available all the time. To fulfil our daily workload we are always in a rush. But the truth is, we are longing for holidays. Taking a nap in the park, regaining energy and taking it slow. Even a short break, gives us time to let our thoughts travel. Imagine you are lying in a hammock in the station and you pick the next train to somewhere. The stereotypical city-nomad is always on the road with his bits and pieces. We set up our bag with our working utilities and there we are on the run again. Our daily companion ought to be enduring, with the most individual design, and of course he is supposed to carry our beloved belongings.

With Petite Nomade I will present you a bag that is more than that. It will protect all your belongings and be your personal companion, as well as your private spot en route. Petite Nomade can simply be transformed into an oasis of recovery. Do not miss any opportunity to let heart and soul “contemplate the universe” and let your thoughts travel.

The bag has waterproof zippers and is double-walled padded. In addition the bag is equipped with a carabiner for keys, an external pocket which is changeable
and a cover pocket. The interior pocket has a lap-top fastener and a small add-on pocket.
Ice-white with anthracite
Any colour possible
1 kilo:
650 gram bag
350 gram hammock
30x40x12 cm

© Constanze Jakob, 2006